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How Can We Convert Old Super 8 to Dvd?

  • January 13, 2017

    How Can We Convert Old Super 8 to Dvd?

    I was in assigned for the program and presentation of our silver reunion and anniversary for our high school batch. Properly, it isn't a simple process but then an individual has to perform it and only several would wish to take lead as we are all busy with our personal lives nowadays. So, i decided to volunteer for it together with some of ourclassmates as well. It was about one year to prepare and we would have standard meetings just about every month to iron out the week lengthy occasion in the course of our school’s founder’s day celebration as well as our alumni evening too.

    Being the graduates twenty five years ago, we would like to make a video compilation of who our batch was prior to and what has turn out to be of us now. We are having difficulty to compress it to one file as videos before was in a different format, ours was mostly in 8mm films. One of our batch mates suggested that we have it converted from 8mm film to dvd, which was an extremely great notion and was less complicated to compile the videos. We then also prepared some other items for the events, there had been song and dance numbers, and a number of of speeches and inspirational talks also.

    I did not understand that we've got by far the most number of graduates in our time, and much more than half of us are now community and executives leaders and most are successful be it at function or some other endeavors. What we did was not an easy job as the week is nearly coming and we would retain our fingers crossed hoping to get a smooth flow of every thing and we're a bit excited also. Finally, the event ended and we heard a lot of good feedback and the event was amazing and everyone was proudof it.