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How to install and successfully run Norton Antivirus Program

Norton Antivirus software is a product of Symantec Corporation, it can be used by many of users in U.S.A and Canada. But some of the users having issue with related to Norton antivirus like installation problem. User can get rid from that issue by the help of any technical blog or by get in contact with Norton support and help team. Norton is best antivirus that can be installed successfully by following the steps:

Getting Started:

  • To install the software properly, first of all, shut down all the other programs that run on the computer and also the established Internet connection.
  • Remove the other antivirus programs, as it has no further usage, after the Norton program got installed in your PC. Or else, the other antivirus software can create conflicts with the operation of Norton software. Therefore, clean them from your machine by taping on the “start” button in the Windows, then go to the “Control Panel”, where you can find “Programs” and then choose the one that has to be uninstalled.

Installing The Program:

1.      Step 1:

  • Direct Download: Nowadays, this is the most widely recognized method for obtaining programming like Norton AntiVirus. Clients can purchase this program online have to download their copy and afterward double tap the document that has been added to a computer to begin the procedure.
  • CD/DVD: Insert the CD in the drive of your system. Moreover, Vista and Windows XP clients will be provoked to tap “Install Norton AntiVirus.” Windows 7 clients should tap “Launch Norton Install” and afterward click “Install Norton AntiVirus.”
  • USB: Insert the USB drive into the correct port to get the procedure going. Vista and XP clients will be requested that snap “Launch Norton Install” and after that “Install Norton AntiVirus.” Windows 7 clients will have a marginally unique affair. They will have to snap “Open Folder to view records.” They will then need to double tap on the “Start.exe” organizer and after that snap “Install Norton AntiVirus.”

2.    Step 2:   At this point it is conceivable a client will be requested the Product Key. This can be found in the first bundling. For download purchasers, the key will be given by means of email, after the buy procedure.

3.    Step 3:   At once the key is entered, clients might be provoked to tap on the “Install Options” connect. Now, they can survey the alternatives accessible to them and after that snap “OK” to continue.

4.    Step 4:   Prior a last download will occur, clients will be requested to go through the license agreement. Moreover, they will likewise need to consent to the agreement to start the installation procedure.

Thus, hopefully possible that our blog post helps you to get information about How to install and successfully run Norton Antivirus Program, if in any case these steps goes wrong then in that case you can get help with Norton support and help team. Author is an expert of Norton Antivirus, visit here for more interesting information.