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Is Your Mac Running Slow on Sierra? Try Checking Your Mac’s Activity Monitor

If you are a simple Mac user and do not understand computer terms that go beyond CPUs and monitors, all these talk about Sierra running slow or the mac running slow on Sierra can make your head reel. The Mac OS Sierra slow concern won't be an issue for persons are very adept with computer systems. But to us straightforward users, obtaining the mac operating slow on Sierra can be a true issue.

Do not despair if you are experiencing Sierra slow issue on your Mac. There are actually two simple issues that you simply can do to solve Sierra running slow on your Mac:

•Clear the clutter on your desktop; and

•Manage the messages you acquire on your Mac Messages app.

Straightforward Option No. 1 to Mac Running Slow on Sierra: Clear the Clutter

You are probably storing large amounts of files on your desktop if you are like most Mac users. Why not? It is pretty practical. This may be one of the reasons for your Mac OS Sierra slow issue, however.

Obtaining a cluttered desktop contributes towards the Sierra operating slow on your Mac. The very best factor to perform is always to build a separate folder on your desktop and put all the current desktop folders there.

Simple Option No. 2 to Mac Running Slow on Sierra: Manage Your Messages

You have to really like all these stickers and GIFs that you simply can use together with the Mac Messages app. This can be a further culprit. Whenever you obtain those animated GIFs you can practical experience mac operating slow on Sierra. What’s the remedy to prevent Sierra running slow when you find yourself working with the Mac Messaging app? Don’t send too numerous messages with GIFs and stickers that make Sierra slow down. Clearing the chat log will also resolve the Mac OS Sierra slow problem.