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Loft For Our Rewards

Most of my life, I have been staying in a high riseproperties along the central business district area. My dad was a bank executive and it is very convenient for him and hisjob. While my mom is a medical specialist in a hospital just located two blocks away, and my school was just at the back of our place so everything was just a few steps away and going from around was a no brainer.

We are just living in a simple unit my parents got when they got transferring and married to a better one did not crossed their minds as they say that we are living comfortably here and everything was just within reach so we do not actually need a new place. After graduating from and getting my degree, I got a job in one of the big corporations here in our city, although I started from a bottom position, I worked my way up the stairs as things went well for me, and I was loved by my bosses.

I did took up my masters degree while I was working and after finishing the program, they gave me to a managerial position where my pay was significantly increased and I was able to save up quite fast.

I think it would be time for me to get my own home, a better one with a good amenities, as I was planning one day. I do think my parents would be happy for me moving out soon, as I become fully independent and able to stand on my own. So I did search for several modernbuildings, and I found a few that suits my likes but there was one that really caught my attention which I could say that this is it. The place was with a loft bed with desk, and the touch of elegance was the strongest factor that caught me.