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Me Time With My Nail

As an independent girl pursuing her university degree in the age of eighteen and I'm a lot into style in addition to my research when carrying out my job. I am one of the wait person in the popular restaurant in the city and at the same time a part time model when time permits and if there is a nice fashion gig around. I am affiliated with a fashion agency and we are called upon time to time if there would be a show, or they might want someone to model for them either on the ramp or in the camera for some posters or commercials. Anyway, every single additional buck that I would earn would assist in my college education so I am very eager to definitely work difficult and strike when the iron is hot as quite a few would day.

It is quite time consuming but then it brings out the best in your nails and less likely you would have exactly the same nail design with some other girl around as each are unique specially from an artist that does original work, though recently I did some shoots with this nail art designs which is the current trend now and many are promoting this so much in their nail spa.

So, aside from my modeling career, most of the time I am working in the restaurant taking orders and serving people their meals and it is quite sustainable plus there are tips from happy diners which we all split up equally every end of the moth which adds up to our daily earnings. After which I've to study when I get property and be ready for my class the following day, and following have to go to perform and that may be fairly my daily routine that is quite busy nevertheless it can also be a satisfying job to accomplish.