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Minibus Saved My Transportation Needs

A celebrity was coming over to town to market her up coming concert and album launching as well plus advertising an up coming film a couple of weeks from now. I was tasked to welcome right here and accompany her and her team in going around the city with all of the media visits and also displaying them what our city have aside from exactly where the concert will be held, as among the organizers from the concert right here in the city. So it was quite an assignment for me, and I got the services of Coach Hire to make it hassle easy and free to go about as it could be a significant group for sure having a celebrity of her caliber.

I readied the plans and have it approved by my boss, and she was impressed with what I did and actually commended me as it seemed it was not my first time with this kind of assignment, but I told my boss that I just love hosting parties and gatherings and this thing was my first as it would be a couple of days and would be moving from place to place, it just so happen that Coach Hire is very flexible and could cater to our needs and it really did make our task a lot convenient for our part and of the part of our guest as well. The week went smoothly as planned, though there are a bit of little delays here and there, but nothing was that major and everyone was really happy with it, I would sum it up all in all to be a successful one and the celebrity and her team said that it was one of the well organized week that they have and would be looking forward to work with us again.