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Personalized Necklace Design Guide

This elegant and marvelous necklace is made from beads which are hand chosen for overtones of both Turquoise and Bluish, perfectly curved contours , clean surfaces and their nacre. Each bead in this necklace is created by hand, to order. The beads are double-knotted available on leather. With a distinctive design, this black eye shaped necklace can make you love amazing on your outfit. This bracelet is of I really like classic's own original design & each piece is truly unique since it's home made & handmade. Particular design gives your woman to provide feeling that is unbound. You can find more details on sun moon star necklace on the site

This is a moon and Sun celebrity and stainless steel necklace. It is a handmade necklace in Chic style having two colours plum and skin. It contains a beautiful aluminum colored string to tie the black leather cording that is durable and firmly insert into end clasps. A beautiful and Beautiful stainless steel necklace as a pendant with moon and sun star. It's a ideal choice for birthday. Your woman will love the pretty pattern and that moon and sun star . The necklace measures 45cm inches, letting bigger pictures than necklaces can hold. The necklace's front is engraved using a swirling border of agate beads along with an intricately made eye. The candy and elegant design of the necklace makes it ideal for wearing as an keepsake, as well as a pretty accent on dressier events.

Having a unique and very royal layout, this necklace may add beauty to your ensemble.


Colour: Turquoise

Material: Stainless Steel with diamonds

Style: stylish and Royal

Length: 45cm

Form: Handmade