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Reviving My Home Device

I've been with my dwelling pc for three years and it by no means failed me from my day to day use for typing and surfing reports and also doing my presentations. I have been using it the day I got it and almost everyday up to the present, but I found that at times it is already slow and sluggish, as I have already moved most of the files to my external hard drive to free up the space but still acted the same. And for reassurance, and because I'm not so busy currently I wanted to have it checked. So, i contacted home protection warranty and scheduled for an appointment with my home device and they immediately send in a specialist that would trouble shoot it and hope to make it run faster. In less than an hour, their technician is already in my door step knocking and seeking me.


In no time, he's already checking on my device and wanting to diagnose what exactly is producing it sluggish. And in about two hours of placing in some disc and clicking on some keys around the keyboard and ultimately it is actually accomplished. He explained to me that I've not compressed the files for quite some time as a result it is one on the elements making it slow, plus he removed a few of the program files that is definitely of no use and upgraded the system to a newer version also. So, while booting up the computer, I noticed that there is an improvement on the speed, plus a few changes on the screen due to the new upgraded version. But what is most important is that my device is now back to the fast and efficient old personality that it has been, and have been as reliable as before.