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What things my Kindle Fire HDX or Kindle Voyage Can Do:

In today’s era, Kindle is one the best eBook reader for users who read book daily. Here in this blog you can get information about that “What things your Kindle Fire HDX and Kindle Voyage can Do”. Below this Para you can see that the things which you can do at your kindle fire and Voyage. If in any case may be that if this post is not sufficient to your information than you can contact to Amazon’s Kindle customer service and help team to get fix the issue.

Kindle Voyage:

The Voyage's have good front lighting is great and main strengths of this. When user opens an eBook in a dark room, the screen is so bright, and as your eyes will adjust nicely to the dark, the good function is the screen is slowly dims to reduce the eyestrain. If you don't like the self-dimming screen, you can change this from the settings.  Many of the eBook readers are tested the Kindle Voyage. And give feedback that it was one of the best screens. It’s 1448 x 1072 resolution and the 300 pixels per inch (PPI) density.

Design & Portability 

The Kindle Voyage is one of the smallest and lightest eBook readers I reviewed. It can be easily come in the pocket also. It’s size 6.4 inches long, so I shouldn't have a problem to put it in a jacket pocket also or in my carry purse also. It has 4GB of internal storage memory; the eBook reader can use it. And put his/her book and some of the magazine also. But you cannot increase this storage space with a microSD card. 

Content for readers

You can find a many of eBooks, magazines, newspapers and other content from Kindle's store, which is easy to access from the eReader. The Voyage also gives the subscription options for important and major newspapers also.

Kindle Fire HDX:

It was available in two formats. First is in 7 inch display and another in 8. 9” display. Both of the Kindle Fire HDX has a good resolution that goes beyond provide standard HD. Kindle Fire HDX 7" has a resolution 1920x1200 and a have pixel density of (323 ppi).Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" has the resolution (2560x1600) and the pixel density (339 PPI) this will providing an incredible multimedia experience to the user. The display of Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" features over 4 million pixels for vivid, lifelike images.

Better Viewing Indoors and Out

The HDX display has features of dynamic image contrast; a unique feature is that automatically optimizes the color of each pixel based on the amount of light in surroundings. This makes images and videos even easier to see under in lighting and outdoors also.

Front-Facing HD Camera

Both the Kindle Fire 7" and 8.9" HDX. These tablets have a good front-facing 720p HD camera, which make perfect for Skype video calls and easily taking photos to share on Face book or e-mail also.

So at last I am finishing this article with a great word of thanks to my patient readers who focused their mind throughout the article. I hope all users will definitely build up their knowledge in using kindle books. Author is an expert of Kindle support, visit here for more interesting information; I’ll be back with you all in a few days. Until that moment have a nice day and enjoy your lives.